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Title: Banner Finance Security
Subject: Accounting Services
Policy No: Fin: 2015:01
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: President
Responsible Officer: Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO
Adopted: 01/20/2015
Last Revision: 12/23/2016
Last Reviewed: 12/22/2016



Sound financial management practices require the University to implement fiscal policies and procedures for providing security access to the Banner Finance System in order to fulfill job responsibilities and accurately account for the University's financial records.


Under the direction of the President, the Vice President for Finance and CFO shall ensure compliance with and implement this policy which:

    • Provides general principles and guidelines to promote proper accounting and effective financial management and control over revenues, accounts receivable, expenses and other financial transactions. The information contained in this policy shall be used to develop unit specific procedures to ensure compliance with this policy.
    • Defines the guiding principles for financial control, essential department level requirements for financial control and provides an outline of the roles and responsibilities that are required by the University at each level of the organization.


It is the responsibility of every faculty and staff member who is involved in any financial activity on behalf of the University to be fiscally responsible and to exercise appropriate financial controls.


The Accounting Services Department in conjunction with E.I.S. (Enterprise Information Services) is responsible for providing access to the Banner Finance System using information made available for this purpose. Access to Banner systems is restricted to those employees who require access in order to enable them to fulfill their job responsibilities. 


  1. Attachment 1 - Procedures To Provision Access


Attachment 1 

Procedures To Provision Access


When an employee's duties and responsibilities require access to the Banner Finance System, the following procedures will be used to gain access or to change existing access. In addition, when an employee's duties and responsibilities change to no longer require access to these systems, the procedures below will be used to terminate access.

    • The University Administrator (Manager or Department Head) or Primary Investigator (for Grants) responsible for the requested Fund and Organization must send an approval/set-up e-mail to
    • The e-mail needs to include the following:
      1. The name of the person for whom access is requested, that person's title, and department.
      2. The reason access is necessary
      3. What type of access is needed: Query (view), Posting (Requisition and Budget Transfer entries) or Both
      4. The Fund and Organization numbers for which access is necessary.
      5. Security may be provided at the predecessor organization level with Divisional approval.
      6. Requests to copy the security of one person to another person can be requested assuming appropriate approval by the responsible persons applicable to all funds and organizations in the request.
      7. The name and title (Principal Investigator for Grants) of the requesting Manager, Department Head or Principal Investigator.
    • Security request e-mails received for RowanSOM employees will be routed to an appropriate RowanSOM Finance Officer for approval. The appropriate RowanSOM Finance Officer will forward the request with their approval to Every morning, e-mail requests are printed out and presented to the Director of Accounting Services for approval. Approval by the Director of Accounting Services is indicated by initialing off on the e-mail request. The approved request is given to a Finance Security Team member for processing.
    • A member of the Finance Security Team will notify the requestor if further information is needed or when the set-up is completed. The set-up of security will only be done based on email requests sent from the appropriate approver in accordance with the guidelines listed above or by approval of an appropriate Finance officer. When the set-up pertains to an employee not already provided previous access to Banner Finance, EIS is notified to establish a USER ID and Banner ID.
    • Email requests are maintained on file in the Accounting Services Department.
    • When an employee's duties and responsibilities change to require different access, the appropriate Manager, Department Head or Principal Investigator responsible for the Fund and Organization must send an e-mail to to change the employee's access. Approval is granted if the necessary authorizations and information have been submitted. See Procedures for New Users. 
    • When an employee's duties and responsibilities change to no longer require certain access, the appropriate Manager, Department Head, or Principal Investigator responsible for the Fund and Organization should send an email to Access will be terminated according to the time frame provided in the notice. The approver will be notified that access has been removed.
    • Every week the NPA (Notification of Personnel Action) report is generated and reviewed. This report provides information on employee HR changes. Further action will be taken on whether the access is still required and appropriate security changes are then taken.
    • The policy listed above applies only to the Banner Finance module. Requests for access to the Banner HR module should be forwarded to Eileen Scott in Human Resources. Requests for Banner Student module access should be forwarded to Diane Previti in the Registrar's Office.

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