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Title: Emeritus/Emerita Status
Subject: Academic Affairs
Policy No:  AA:2020:01
Applies: Applicable to the all University Faculty
Issuing Authority: Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Officer: Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Date Adopted:  12/01/2020
Last Revised: 12/10/2020 
Last Reviewed: 12/10/2020


The purpose of this policy is to establish the criteria for eligibility, the procedure for conferral and approval, and the privileges of Emeritus/Emerita Status.


The Provost shall implement and ensure compliance with this policy. 
Office of the Provost and Office of Human Resources are responsible for compliance with this policy.  


This policy applies to Rowan University faculty, librarians and senior administrators holding academic rank.


Emeritus/Emerita Status is an honor held by retired faculty members and librarians in recognition of the meritorious and sustained contributions and achievements they made to their discipline and to the University.


Where the title Emeritus or Emerita is deemed appropriate, generally, the title Emeritus or Emerita will be added to the academic rank held at the time of retirement. Faculty members who hold the rank of associate or full professor whose principal duty at the time of retirement is in the administration will have the title Emeritus or Emerita added to the administrative title held at the time of retirement. They may also have the Emeritus title added to their academic rank, i.e. “Dean Emeritus of the H.M.R. College of Engineering and Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering”

  1. Eligibility
    1. A minimum of ten academic years of full-time continuous service at Rowan University.
    2. Holding a tenured position at the time of retirement.
    3. The university Human Resources and Provost’s Offices determine that the retiring faculty member or librarian is in good standing at the time of the retirement request.
  2. Procedure
    1. Concurrent with notification of their intended retirement, a faculty member who is eligible will send a letter of request for Emeritus/Emerita status to Human Resources, the Chairperson/Head of their department, and Dean of their college. In the letter, the faculty member will indicate the preferred title of either Emeritus or Emerita and make requests for any additional privileges.
    2. Human Resources verifies employment longevity and standing in the university and provides a written notification to the Provost.
    3. Dean is requested to provide a nomination letter to the Provost. If the Dean elects to provide this letter, it will highlight the faculty accomplishments while at Rowan University.
    4. Provost will consider the nomination and make a final recommendation to the President. Faculty will be notified of the Provost decision.
    5. This decision shall not be subject to the grievance procedure or appeal.
  3. Exclusions or Special Circumstances
    1. Emeritus/emerita status may not be granted to faculty who are leaving the university in order to accept a full-time faculty appointment at another higher education institution.
    2. Upon special recommendation, the Provost may grant emeritus/emerita status to faculty and researchers who do not hold a tenured position, such as professors of practice, clinical professors, research professors, and lecturers.
  4. Privileges of Emeritus/Emerita Status
    1. Emeriti/ae professors retain the privileges listed below, and are welcome to robe and march with the faculty on any of the University’s ceremonial occasions when other faculty robe and march subject to availability of space. They will be listed as Professor Emeritus or Emerita in the University Catalog and personnel directory.
      1. Network and Telecommunication: Use of computing and communication facilities for the purpose of pursuing scholarly endeavors: email access, wireless network access, faculty web page, access to computer labs and software is granted when available; a voice-mailbox will be set up if the faculty member wishes to make those arrangements. All network and communications access shall be subject to security limitations and completion of required security training.  Such access may be discontinued without notice if required by law or determined to be a security risk.  Any technology, including, but not limited to, computer hardware (e.g. laptop, desktop, tablet, cellular device, etc.), software, or peripherals (printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, etc.) purchased with University Funds (e.g. Department Funds, Research Funds) is the property of Rowan University and remains the property of the University for the entire life cycle of the product or service. The ownership of all technology assets is governed by the Technology Ownership Policy.
      2. Obtain a parking permit of the same type as granted to employees. Rowan reserves the right to assess a fee associated with such permit.
      3. Library: Continuation of full library privileges, including interlibrary loan; if the retired faculty member has a computer account (see above) then she or he will have remote access to all of the library’s electronic resources subject to applicable security limitations.
      4. Recreation Center: Faculty privileges will continue subject to availability.
      5. On-Campus Work Space: at the request of the retiring member, the Provost may provide shared desk space to emeriti faculty members if such space is available on campus. The emerita/emeritus faculty should reapply for such office space annually.
      6. Other: There may be additional privileges granted that pertain to the intellectual interests of the faculty member and the university. These will be negotiated with the Dean and Provost prior to retirement.


By Direction of the Provost:
Antony M. Lowman, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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