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 Under the direction of the Associate Vice President for Student Life, the Director and staff of the office of Orientation and Student Leadership Programs shall ensure compliance and implementation of this policy.


 This policy is applicable to all undergraduate students. Specifically included are all entering freshmen and transfer students attending online or in- person. Only students who have recently completed a Rowan University orientation (readmits) are excluded from this requirement.


 Orientation is an event and a process planned by the Office of Orientation and Student Leadership Programs to assist with new student transition to Rowan University and provide required regulatory information. Orientation can be completed online or in-person.


  1. Office of Orientation and Student Leadership Programs staff will:
    1. Receive new student data is received from the Banner student information system once a student confirms their acceptance.
    2. Send an invitation to reserve an orientation program date to students. Students can select from available on campus orientation dates, or choose to complete an online orientation course.
    3. Provide data on student reservations for specific orientation dates to advisors and other faculty and staff participating in the orientation process.
    4. Record attendance of students attending on-campus orientation programs. Students who do not attend a reserved orientation date will receive an e-mail communication requesting that they reschedule for a later date (if available) or complete the online orientation course.
    5. Enroll students who requested the online orientation program and all students failing to attend an on campus orientation program in an online orientation course.
    6. Place holds preventing registration, access to grades, and graduation on student accounts until the orientation requirement is complete.  Once the online orientation course is completed (verified by viewing educational content, passing an exam, etc.), the hold will be removed.
  2. Students are responsible for scheduling, attending, and participating in orientation programming, and the payment of any related fees.