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Title: Salary Vouchers and Special Assignment Payments
Policy No: HR:2021:01     
Applies: University-wide
Issuing Authority: Human Resources                                                     
Responsible Officer:  Vice President Human Resources/CHRO
Adopted: 12/27/2021
Last Revision: 4/28/2022
Last Reviewed: 4/28/2022


Establish guidelines for the hiring and compensation of project-based assignments. This policy provides for equity in hiring and compensation and provides for compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the New Jersey Equal Pay Act, EEO and New Jersey benefit requirements.


The Vice President of Human Resources/CHRO shall ensure compliance with this policy in collaboration with the Division of Research where applicable. The Office of Human Resources shall implement this policy. The Office of Research is responsible for the creation, implementation and enforcement of these provisions for grant-funded projects.


  1. Special Assignment/Salary VoucherA one-time payment made upon the completion of the duties/project agreed upon. This payment type is used on all campuses for full-time and part-time faculty and staff (if eligible). There may be an exception for multiple payments for grant funded projects.
  2. Short Term AssignmentProject payment, paid in multiple installments (bi-weekly).
  3. Student Special Project: A one-time payment to a student to complete a project lasting no longer than two weeks in length and with compensation no greater than $500.00.


  1. Compliance with FLSA, NJ Earned Sick Leave Law and USCIS
    Rowan University will comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, New Jersey Earned Sick Leave Law and U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services and federal and state EEO laws by reviewing selection of candidates and compensation as well as verifying I-9 work eligibility.

    In order to be in compliance with the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave Law, any project that is hourly based and longer than a two week period should be hired in an alternate employee category.

  2. Pre-approval prior to hiring
    All hiring departments must receive pre-approval from the Office of Human Resources before a project is to begin.  HR will review the request to ensure compliance with the requirements mentioned above in (IV.A).

    The Division of Research will provide salary guidelines for frequently used positions (i.e. research assistants, clerical support). Titles not included in the guidelines must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources prior to job offer for a compensation review.

    New employees must complete the new hire process including background check, I-9 verification and other requirements deemed necessary, prior to commencement of the project. Failure to complete documentation may result in suspension of the project and may result in subsequent action as judged to be appropriate.

  3. Submission for payment
    1. Submission for payment is made at the completion of the project or in accordance with a pre-determined timeline consistent with receipt of deliverables. The Hiring manager must approve payment and attest to satisfactory work completion.
    2. Student Special Projects must meet the following criteria otherwise the student must be hired as a student hourly employee. This is to ensure student vouchers are not paid over a length of time and so that students doing hourly work will receive NJPL hours (in compliance with the NJ Earned Sick Leave law).
      1. Project cannot be longer than two weeks in length
      2. Compensation cannot exceed $500.00
      3. Payments made to temporary employees must indicate hours worked so appropriate credit can be provided under the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave law.   Documentation of hours worked is not required if payment is made to a regular full-time or part-time employee.

  4. Salary Voucher Submission Timeframe
    Project payments are to be submitted at the end of the project or in accordance with a pre-approved timeline.  Submission of the payments are electronic and must go through an approval process. Payments should be submitted within the current payroll schedule. 

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