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Title: Payroll WTE Approvers and Proxies
Subject: Payroll Services                  
Policy No: FIN: 2016:03                                                                   
Applies: University-Wide                   
Issuing Authority:  President                                                           
Responsible Officer:  Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO                        
Adopted: 05/06/2015
Last Revision: 10/13/2018
Last Reviewed: 11/04/2022



The purpose of this policy is to outline the University’s use of a secure web-based time entry system where employees report time worked and/or exception time taken on electronic time sheets. 


At the direction of the Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO, the Payroll Director shall be accountable for ensuring compliance with this policy. 


This policy applies to all employees of the University. 


WTE Employee Training Manual


  1. Web Time Entry (WTE) is a secure web-based time entry system in Self Service Banner where employees report time worked and/or exception time taken on electronic time sheets from any computer with internet access. After approval by supervisors, the information is sent electronically to Payroll for processing. This new system provides efficient, cost-effective electronic time entry for most individuals on the University's payroll.
  2. The Web Time Entry (WTE) system is designed to reduce the amount of time (including personnel hours) required to record the hours that an employee actually worked and to generate payroll, to reduce errors, to increase accountability, and to facilitate access to compensation and benefit data. 
  3. Approvers must ensure that their employees know how to use the WTE system. The WTE Employee Training Manual covers all employee classifications.
  4. Employees will record leave and/or time worked and supervisors will approve time sheets entered by their employees and update or change employee time sheets. There will be times when a supervisor may delegate the review and approval of an employee’s time entries, and the deadlines by which time entries must be approved to another manager as his/her Proxy.
  5. WTE is available 24/7/365 through Banner Self-Serve, as long as there is access to the web.  For this reason, it is expected that an Approver will only have to appoint a Proxy in rare circumstances.  In those circumstances, the Proxy will be given the same WTE security as the Approver. This will allow the Proxy to perform the same WTE functions as the Approver.  The use of Proxies is monitored to ensure that the delegation is only rarely made.
  6. An Approver may create a Proxy on the WTE system at any time during a pay period, but must do so at least 48 hours before approvals are required.
  7. A Proxy must be a managerial employee and should be either at or above the level of employees being approved.  Exceptions to these requirements may only be made by contacting contact Payroll Services (
  8. An Approver must confirm the creation of a Proxy for a particular pay period by confirming the delegation in writing (including email) to the Proxy that also states the reason for the need to delegate.  (For example: please approve my department's time sheets this week because I will be on vacation.)
  9. Approvers should maintain appropriate internal controls for tracking hours worked in order to validate that the hours submitted on the WTE time sheet are correct. The use of controls such as schedules and sign-in/sign-out sheets, or emails from the employee to the Approver confirming vacation, sick and other exception time are helpful to ensure reporting accuracy. 


 1. Attachment A – Employee Time Entry


  1. Payroll cannot process any time sheets that are not completed and approved by the Pay Period Time Entry Status date, which is 9:00 a.m. on the Monday following the last day of the pay period.  All hours worked must be correctly recorded on the employee’s WTE time sheet and confirmed by the Approver by the Pay Period Time Entry Status date on the department summary form.
  2. Employees may enter their hours worked throughout the pay period instead of waiting until the end of the pay period. This allows the Approver time to review time sheets during the two week pay period. Employees can make changes to their hours as long as the time sheet is in an In-Progress status.
  3. In addition to reminders sent electronically by the WTE software, each unit has identified an employee to remind the unit’s employees regarding when their WTE time sheet must be completed.
  4. Time may be entered, and approvals given, in advance of the deadlines.   In the event that the data were inaccurately predicted (e.g., an employee had to work instead of taking vacation, or was sick instead of worked), the employee must complete a Time and Attendance Correction Form and submit it to Payroll Services as soon as possible.
  5. Unless otherwise noted, all employees must submit their time no later than 9:30 a.m. on the Friday of the last day of the pay period, and Approvers must perform their review and submit their approvals by 2:00 p.m. on that same day.  SOM employees who work on Saturday must complete their timesheets at end of day Saturday, and their Approvers must complete their review and approvals no later than 9:00 a.m. on Monday, which is the Pay Period Time Entry Status date.
  6. Timeliness of time entry and approval is monitored to ensure compliance.

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