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Title: Grading System
Subject: Academic Affairs
Policy No: AA: 2015: 08
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Officer: Deans, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs
Adopted: 08/01/2015
Last Revision: 06/22/21
Last Reviewed: 06/22/21


The purpose of this policy is to outline the University's grading system.


Under direction of the Provost, all Deans and Department Chairs shall implement this policy and all faculty shall ensure compliance with the policy.


This policy is applicable to all students of Rowan University.


  1. The University's Grading System 
    1. The following are used to evaluate students' performances in courses:

      Letter Grade

        Grade Point   


      NCNo Credit

    2. Students have the option to elect Pass (P) / No Credit (NC) grading in courses for which it is offered, subject to the below provisions. Pass/No Credit grades will not contribute to the computation of cumulative grade point averages or the designation of graduation honors.
      1. Prior to spring 2020: The Pass/No Credit grading option was available to students who elected it during the first two weeks of the term (drop/add period). A list of courses for which students may elect a Pass or No Credit grading option was published on the Registrar’s website. Undergraduate students registering from fall 1995 - winter 2019/2020 were permitted to take up to 10 percent of the credits earned on a Pass/No Credit basis.
      2. Policy modification during the COVID-19 pandemic: During the spring 2020, fall 2020, winter 2020/2021, and spring 2021 terms, students were permitted to elect Pass/No Credit grades after final letter grades were posted for any course. Some graduate courses were subject to letter grade minimums for election of a P grade; in undergraduate courses, any passing grade of D- or higher was eligible to be changed to a P grade. Any grade of F was eligible to be changed to a NC grade. No limits were placed on the number or proportion of courses for which eligible students could elect Pass/No Credit grades. Grades of P met prerequisite requirements for entry into subsequent courses specifying a minimum grade higher than a D-. For courses in applicable terms, students may continue to elect a change in final grade to a P or NC grade from a letter grade, or to revert a former P or NC grading choice to the original letter grade, up until the time of their graduation by contacting the Office of the Registrar at Courses taken in summer 2020 or summer 2021 were not eligible for the expanded Pass or No Credit grading option; students may appeal for this option to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students in MD, DO, or PhD programs did not have Pass/No Credit grading options available.
      3. Fall 2021 and forward: With the approval of the Dean, Departments may specify courses eligible for completion with Pass/No Credit grading. Students electing P or NC grading must do so through the process established by the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of the withdrawal period in a given term. No more than 10% of Rowan University credits applying to the degree may be taken Pass or No Credit, with the exception of credits taken during the semesters specified in the COVID-19 period above, unless approved by appeal to the Office of the Provost.
    3. The interim grade of IN (incomplete) may be assigned by an instructor under certain circumstances. This grade must be replaced before the end of the following academic semester. If students believe that circumstances warrant an extension, they may request the instructor, in writing, for such an extension. If approved, the instructor will renew the incomplete in the Registrar's Office when grades are due. Failure to replace the incomplete grade within the prescribed time will automatically change the IN to an F.
    4. Rowan University courses taken by nonmatriculated high school students in Rowan University dual enrollment programs will be assigned letter grades. If the student subsequently matriculates at Rowan University, the student has the option to contact the Office of the Registrar to change the letter grade on Rowan courses taken while a dual enrolled high school student to a Pass (for grades of D- or higher) or No Credit (for grades of F).
    5. The revisions in this policy are implemented on an interim basis pending any Senate action in academic year 2021-2022.
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