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Title: Credit by Examination for Life Experience, Internal Evaluation
Subject: Academic Affairs
Policy No: AA: 2017:05
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: Sr. Vice President and Provost
Responsible Officer: Deans
Last Revision: 01/17/2018
Last Reviewed: 01/17/2018 


The purpose for this policy is to outline the University's position regarding the assignment of credit based upon an internal assessment.


Under direction of the Provost, all Deans and Department Chairs shall implement this policy and all faculty shall ensure compliance with the policy. 


This policy is applicable to all students of Rowan University. 


  1. Undergraduate
    1. An internal assessment to award credit by examination is done only if there are not approved external agencies or processes available to the student and an internal process is determined appropriate by a particular academic department or division.
    2. Assessment processes are developed by the particular department or division and should be outlined and included in the credit by exam form submitted to the Registrar.
    3. Any credit awarded is posted as transfer credit.**
  2. Graduate
    1. Graduate-level credit by examination policy & procedures can be found in the Graduate & Post- baccalaureate student policies guide via Rowan Global Learning & Partnership
  3. This policy is currently under Senate APP review as of 10/27/15 and is considered an interim policy pending approval.

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