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Title: Audit Policy

Subject: Academic Affairs

Policy No: AA: 2015: 05

Applies: University-Wide

Issuing Authority: Provost / Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible Officer: Deans


Last Revision: 08/01/2015

Last Reviewed: 08/01/2015



The purpose of this policy is to outline the criteria under which auditing of a course is permitted.


Under direction of the Provost, all Deans and Department Chairs shall implement this policy and all faculty shall ensure compliance with the policy.


 This policy applies to all students of Rowan University.


  1. Students who wish to attend classes in a particular course and not receive credit must follow the following processes and guidelines
  2. Course enrollment occurs during the drop/add period of each semester.
  3. Registration for classes must take place in-person during the drop/add enrollment period and in coordination with the University Registrar located in Savitz Hall.
  4. Will only be enrolled in courses with a minimum of 3 empty seats.
  5. All University policies and procedures are relevant and are applied universally
  6. All prerequisites or co-requisites must be met. The Registrar's Office will receive and post necessary transcripts. Where prerequisites are being fulfilled by courses taken at another institution or by non-credit courses, the chair of the academic department will make the determination of sufficiency.
  7. Enrollees are responsible for all costs associated with supplies, texts, or additional lab fees.
  8. Enrollees are expected to participate fully in the course, with the option of completing assigned course work.
  9. For an Enrollee to re-take a course in subsequent semester, approval from the chair of the academic department will be required.
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