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Title:  University Refund Policy for Tuition, Fees, Room & Board
Subject:  Bursar                               
Policy No: FIN: 2016:07                                                       
Applies: Undergraduate and Graduate Students (Non-Medical) at Rowan University       
Issuing Authority: President
Responsible Officer: Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO
Adopted: 04/25/2016
Last Revision:  10/19/2022
Last Reviewed:  10/19/2022


The purpose of this policy is to set forth the proper accounting for and control of the University Refund Schedule.


The Office of the Bursar, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office of Residential Learning and University Housing are responsible for managing the refund schedule.


This policy is applicable to all undergraduate and graduate (non-medical) students at Rowan University.


  1. The University Bursar is responsible for setting up, testing, and managing the University’s Fee Assessment process, which drives the assessment of all charges on the student account.
  2. The proration of fees for both meal plans and room assignments are handled manually by the Director of Housing Administrative Services and Assignments under the Assistant VP for Residential Learning and University Housing.


  1. Tuition and Fees
    1. Courses dropped on or before the last day of Drop/Add Registration for that term will be refunded at 100% of tuition and fees for the courses dropped.
    2. No reduction of tuition and fees is granted after the drop/add period.
  2. Room and Board
    1. Refunds for residence halls and other University housing will be calculated immediately following the date of the student's official withdrawal.
    2. Refunds for rooms shall be pro-rated on a nightly basis until the end of the fifth week of the semester, at which point there will be no refund for the remaining weeks of the term.
    3. Board will be refunded at 100% within the first two weeks of the semester, with the exception of any usage incurred for RowanBucks and Dining Dollars. No refunds will be processed for board after the second week of the semester.

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