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Title: Fleet Management
Subject: Facilities, Planning & Operations
Policy No: Fac: 2015:03 
Applies: University-wide
Issuing Authority: President
Responsible Officer: Sr. Vice President Facilities, Planning & Operations 
Adopted: 06/24/2015
Last Revision: 
Last Reviewed:


To set Rowan University guidelines regarding use of Rowan University owned or leased vehicles in the conduct of official Rowan University business or activities.


Under the direction of the President, the Executive Vice President, Provost, and Sr. Vice Presidents are responsible for ensuring University compliance with this policy. The vice presidents, deans, department managers and supervisors shall implement this policy.


This policy applies to all full-time, part-time, permanent and temporary employees, faculty, staff, officers, volunteers and students. 

  1. Requirements:
    1. All departmental fleet vehicles shall be driven by a Rowan University employee who holds the proper driver's license as required by the State of New Jersey. The typical fleet vehicle requires a class "D" license. Other fleet vehicles such as buses, larger trucks etc. may require a Commercial Driver License with endorsements. It is the responsibility of the College or Operating Unit to which the vehicle is assigned, to ensure that the designated driver has the applicable driver's license requirements before the vehicle is operated.
    2. Rowan University vehicles shall be used for official Rowan University business only and not for routine commuting.
    3. Rowan University vehicles shall be assigned to a College or Operating Unit for its collective business use and not to individuals.
    4. All drivers of Rowan University owned vehicles must complete the Rowan University's Driver Safety Course every three years. A record of the course attendees shall be maintained by the employee's department and a copy sent to the Department of Facilities, Fleet Management (drivers requiring the "CEVO" certification are exempt.)
    5. Rowan University vans (15 passenger or more) require additional training and a CDL license before driving. This course is required to be taken once every three years. The records of this training must be maintained by the department and a copy sent to Facilities Fleet Management.
  2. Responsibilities:
    1. Facilities Fleet Management Department shall have the responsibility for the maintenance, repair, assignment, monitoring, documentation and disposal of all University-owned vehicles.
    2. Colleges and Operating Units to whom University vehicles are assigned shall:
      1. Ensure that copies of the designated drivers' licenses are provided to Facilities Fleet Management on an annual basis (January 1st) or when a new employee is hired and designated as a driver.
      2. Notify Fleet Management immediately of a change in a designated drivers license status or if a designated driver receives a ticket while driving a University vehicle. It is the responsibility of each designated driver to notify his/her supervisor immediately upon any of the aforementioned items occurring.
    3. Fleet Management( in conjunction with Public Safety) will be responsible for submitting each Designated Driver's license to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for review on an annual basis or when a new hire license is received. If Fleet Management is unable to obtain the driver license status (this includes out of state licenses) the designated driver must obtain and provide this document to Fleet Management. Failure to provide such information within (10) business days of the stated deadline, shall result in losing authorization to drive.
    4. The Manager of Facilities or designee will review all driver license report from New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and will use the following guidelines:
      1. All license reports from New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission must return "active." If a license is found not to be active, Human Resources will be notified and the department head notified that the driving privileges of that person have been immediately revoked until the employee cures the violation or provides proof of license restoration
      2. If a violation occurs that puts the employee's driving record at nine or more points, the employee must attend a Defensive Driving Course, at their expense, and submit the results to the Manager of Facilities Operations, in order to become an "approved driver."
      3. It is the responsibility of the employee to immediately notify the Manager of Facilities Operations or designee, of any change in the status of their license.
    5. Fines for traffic violations including overtime parking, towing and storage fees for illegally parked vehicles shall be paid by the operator of the vehicle responsible for the violation. Fines shall not be reimbursed to the employee
    6. Parking and toll expenses shall be paid by the College/Operating Unit.
    7. Environmental Health and Safety will be responsible to teach the Driver Safety Course.
  3. Rowan University Fuel Cards:
    1. Rowan University fuel credit cards are the property of Rowan University and are to be used for Rowan University vehicles only. (link to the Fuel Card web site). The cards are not to be used for personal vehicles. Rowan University has the discretion to request the return of the cards at any time through the Director of Purchasing and Procurement.
    2. Each College or unit is responsible to ensure that all vehicle fuel receipts are maintained in a separate file in accordance with the fuel card policy for each assigned vehicle. These fuel receipts are subject to periodic review and verification by Purchasing and the Internal Audit upon request.
  4. Motor Vehicle Operating Expense:
    1. Effective FY15, for departments not currently charged. The cost of operating and maintaining motor vehicles used to conduct Rowan University business shall be considered a College or Operating Unit expense. These costs include but are not limited to repairs, maintenance; fuel obtained at Facilities Fuel pumps. The vehicle operating cost will be tabulated monthly by the Manager of Facilities Operations or designee and charged back to each College or Operating Unit via an interdepartmental transfer (DCA).
  5. Fleet Procurement:

    1. Vehicles to be purchased for Rowan University Facilities Operations will be overseen by Fleet Management utilizing the procedures in place by the Procurement and Contracts Department. Specifications, Model type, Special Accessories, and Warranties will be formulated by Fleet Management and after authorization by the Manager of Facilities Operations, provided to Procurement for bidding. Fleet Management will have the sole discretion in determining 'equals' to the specifications. Once an award is made by Procurement, Fleet Management will manage the delivery, transfer of title, and registration of the vehicle adding it to the Preventative Maintenance vehicle inventory data base and Vehicle Inventory List. Any cost associated with the above, will be charged to the department ordering the vehicle.
    2. Vehicles to be purchased by departments other than Facilities Operations will follow the same protocols as above with the exception of the development of Specifications, Model, and Accessories. Fleet Management will reserve the right to determine if the specified vehicle can be supported and maintained by Fleet Management.
    3. Alternative Fuel, Hybrids and Electric vehicles will be evaluated on a case by case basis for all new vehicle purchases as an alternative to typical combustion engine types. Fleet Management will determine the appropriateness of such alternative vehicles and if so determined, proceed with the procurement process. For vehicle requests from other departments the alternative vehicle type, if appropriate, will be strongly recommended and justification of any objections by those departments will be sought by the Manager of Facilities Operations.
  6. New Vehicle set-up:

    1. Upon delivery of a new vehicle, Fleet Management will inspect the vehicle, noting any defects that are the responsibility of the dealer, and complete the motor vehicle registration documents. The Manager of Facilities Operations or designee will arrange for inclusion of the vehicle into the Rowan University fleet by completing the "Fleet Policy Data" form and forwarding it to Risk and Claims Management.

    2. Fleet Management will establish and maintain a motor vehicle operating record for every vehicle acquired, recording the fuel consumption in procedure for the facilities fuel pump, maintenance and repairs for the life of the vehicle on the Dossier system.

  7. Maintenance, Repair, Documentation and Training:

    1. The Manager of Facilities Operations or designee will have the responsibility of ensuring that all Rowan University vehicles are properly maintained, repaired and inspected.

    2. Fleet Management will maintain a regularly updated vehicle list including year, make, model, VIN number, mileage and assigned location.

    3. Fleet Management will maintain records of preventative maintenance and repairs to all vehicles on the Dossier System.

    4. Fleet Management will insure that all vehicles, when in for service, have a current inspection sticker and insurance card located in the glove box. Card must not be removed.

    5. Fleet Management will insure that shop personnel are provided formal technical training to enhance skills and trades competency, and maintain records of such training.

  8. Mechanical Breakdown:

    1. Vehicles that develop mechanical or electrical problems will be taken out of service and repaired. If the vehicle is off campus and, in the best judgment of the designated driver is unsafe to drive, the Manager of Facilities Operations or designee should be called for instructions.

    2. In the event that a vehicle must be towed before Fleet Management Services can be notified, the location of the towing company and storage lot will be recorded. At the earliest opportunity, the designated driver shall provide this information to the Manager of Facilities Operations or Fleet Management.

  9. Accidents:

    1. The police in the municipality where the accident occurred. , if not at the scene, shall be notified immediately. All Rowan University designated drivers shall comply with all applicable laws, concerning motor vehicle accidents, (i.e. reporting, not leaving the scene of an accident, etc.).

    2. Any accident involving Rowan University vehicles shall be reported to the Manager of Facilities Operations or designee and Risk and Claims Management within twenty-four hours by the designated driver.

    3. Operators of Rowan University vehicles may be held personally responsible for damages to vehicle operated by them caused by their negligence if that negligence was in violation of Rowan University policy or outside the scope of their employment. If it is determined that the employee's negligence was in violation of Rowan University policy or outside the scope of their employment, said employee shall be charged for such damages and may be subject to disciplinary action.

    4. If the vehicle is not maneuverable and must be towed away, Fleet Management shall be notified immediately by phone of the name and address of the towing company and storage lot.

    5. A "Report of Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form" SR-1 shall be completed by the designated driver and submitted to the Department of Risk and Claims Management immediately. The form may be obtained from:

      1. The form, along with any supporting documentation, will be checked for clarity and completeness by the Department of Risk and Claims Management.

      2. Risk and Claims Management shall ensure that within five (5) days, Form SR-1 will be forwarded to:
            Bureau of Security Responsibility
            NJ Division of Motor Vehicles
            25 Montgomery Street
            Trenton, NJ 08668

      3. In the case of serious injury or death, Risk and Claims Management shall notify the appropriate parties to protect the legal and financial interests of Rowan University.

  10. Vehicle Monitoring:

    1. All College or Operating Unit fleet vehicles' parking, usage, keys, vehicle credentials and fuel purchases shall be monitored by the College or Operating Unit to whom the vehicle is assigned.

    2. College or Operating Unit fleet vehicles must be operated and parked in a legal manner according to DOT/MVC and Rowan University regulations. All vehicles must be locked and the vehicle keys secured when not in use. It is the responsibility of the College or Operating Unit to which the vehicle(s) is assigned, to ensure that all of these procedures are followed. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in forfeiture of the use of Rowan University fleet vehicles by the College/Operating Unit or employee.

    3. Rowan University fleet vehicles must have proper and valid documentation as required by New Jersey State DOT/MVC; these documents will be initially supplied by the Fleet Management Department. It is the responsibility of the College/Operating Unit and designated driver to ensure all applicable credentials are located in the glove box of each vehicle before the vehicle is driven on a daily basis. Failure to comply with these requirements and guidelines may result in forfeiture of the use of Rowan University fleet vehicles.

  11. Vehicle Identification:

    1. All Rowan University vehicles are required to display the appropriate vehicle decal (see Exhibit A) on the side door and the rear bumper (see Exhibit B) of the vehicle. These decals will identify and promote safe driving techniques in an effort to enhance the personal safety of Rowan University employees and the general public.

      1. It is the responsibility of the Fleet Management Department to ensure that the vehicle decals are initially installed on each vehicle. Removal of decals by the College or Operating Unit is prohibited. The only exceptions to this requirement are undercover vehicles assigned to the Department of Public Safety and vehicles assigned to EMS.

      2. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in forfeiture of use of a fleet vehicle by the College/Operating Unit and subject the designated driver to disciplinary action.

      3. It is the responsibility of the Manager of Facilities Operations to receive all phone calls concerning vehicle misuse. When a complaint is received, the Manager of Facilities Operations, or designee, will contact the applicable Operating Unit's Department Head and will request that the Department head conduct an initial review of the situation with the driver(See EXHIBIT C for sample questions). Human Resources will be copied on all correspondence.

      4. It is the responsibility of the Operating Unit's Department Head to conduct the initial review of the situation with their driver and report the findings back to the Manager of Facilities Operations or designee.

      5. It is the responsibility of the Operating Unit's Department Head to work with Human Resources to determine the appropriate course of action/discipline based upon the facts in the case. Facilities Operations will be available to provide input to the case as necessary.

  12. Vehicle Transfers:

    1. All Rowan University vehicles at all locations are titled to the University and may be transferred as needed from department to department or campus to campus with no NJ Motor Vehicle requirements or restrictions. When transfers occur the Vehicle Inventory List will be updated to reflect the change in assignment.

    2. Vehicles may be assigned when determination by Fleet Management demonstrates that the vehicle to be transferred is available without negative impact to its presently assigned entity, that the vehicle is safe to operate, and that the vehicle is appropriate for the new assignment. All transfers shall be reviewed and authorized by the Manager of Facilities Operations.

  13. Vehicle Replacement:

    1. All vehicles will be inspected on a regular basis and evaluated for safety, anticipated repair cost, vehicle age, general condition, and mileage and recorded in the Fleet Management Program. In addition to regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance, a more extensive Vehicle Condition Assessment of any vehicle with an odometer reading greater than 50,000 will be completed. Depending on this assessment and fiscal forecasting, such vehicles may be placed into the disposal category for optimal resale value with the authorization of the Senior Vice President – Facilities, Planning & Operations.

  14. Vehicle Disposal:

    1. Vehicles that have been designated for disposal will be marked as either operational or scrap. Resolution prepared for trustee approval and declaration and surplus. All vehicles will be sold through All ancillary equipment for Public Safety vehicles will be removed prior to sale.

  15. Vehicle Purchase: The following steps for purchasing a new vehicle are:

    1. Complete the Vehicle Purchase Request Form.

    2. Forward to the Facilities Operation Office for review by Fleet Management.

    3. The purchase must be approved by the Senior Vice President – Facilities, Planning & Operations.

    4. The Request will be returned to the department. If approved, the department should put a requisition on the system and send a copy of the Vehicle Purchase Request Form to purchasing.


  1. Failure to comply with the requirements of this policy shall result in disciplinary action. 


  1. Vehicle Decal

  2. Potential Vehicle Misuse Questionnaire

  3. Vehicle Condition Assessment

  4. Vehicle Purchase Request Form


Vehicle Door Decal 



Vehicle Decal

 Exhibit C


How is my driving Vehicle Questionnaire?






First Name:     _______________________MI:_____ Last     Name: __________________


Contact     Information:


Street Address:     _________________________        Suite/P.O.     Box: _______________


City:     ______________________County:     ______________Zip Code:     ______________


Home Phone:     ____________________Cell Phone:     _________________


E-Mail Address:     _______________________________




COLOR:     ___________ Make: ______________Model:_______________


Body Style: ___________________ License Plate #     SG_________________




Gender: ______________ Race: _____________


Physical Characteristics: _______________________




Date of Incident: __________________ Time of Incident:     _________________


Location of Incident:     __________________________________________


Details of Complaint:     __________________________________________






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