The new version of MAC OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite) is expected to be released today, Thursday October 16th, and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

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Important Information

The Blackboard Assignment Feature uses a third party technology (licensed by Blackboard) for  inline grading.  Inline grading allows users to view assignment uploads and gives instructors the ability to annotate on files without exiting the Blackboard interface.  The previous document viewer (Crocodoc) was decommissioned and terminated on January 15, 2018 by the third party supplier.  Blackboard has replaced the Crocodoc service with a new service called New Box View.  Blackboard Admins made the switch to New Box View following the recent upgrade to our Blackboard instance.

Please note that we had no choice to continue our use of Crocodoc.  Crocodoc service reached its end-of-life on January 15, 2018 and was replaced by New Box View

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Using Blackboard

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