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Title:  Derivative Management Policy
Subject: Financial Management: Guidance for the Use and Management of Derivative Instruments          
Policy No: Fin: 2018:02                                                        
Applies: University-Wide                   
Issuing Authority:  President                                                           
Responsible Officer:  Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO            
Adopted: 09/26/2018
Last Revision:  10/11/2018
Last Reviewed: 11 10/2125/20202021



This Derivative Management Policy (“Policy”) is a subsidiary component of and should be read in conjunction with the Debt Management Policy. The purpose of this Policy is to establish responsibilities, objectives, and guidelines for the use of interest rate swaps and similar products to manage the University’s bond profile. As used in this document, University debt includes debt or other obligations issued by the Camden County Improvement Authority, Gloucester County Improvement Authority and New Jersey Economic Development Authority on behalf of the University.