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Title: University Towing Policy
Subject: Towing                            
Policy No: PS:2017:


Applies: University-Wide  
Issuing Authority: Assistant Vice President for Public Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator
Responsible Officer: Executive Administrator for Parking Services
Adopted: 2017
Last Revision: 11/26/2018
Last Reviewed: 11/26/2018


The intent of this policy is to help control and reduce the amount of illegal parking on campus by holding offenders accountable for their actions. Illegal parking reduces the amount of available parking and is unfair to those who have parking decals and properly adhere to Rowan University Parking Rules and Regulations.




Private companies contracting with the university provide towing. The cost of towing and storage is paid directly to the tow company. The university does not benefit monetarily from the towing of vehicles.  After the tow mechanism is attached, the tow company is responsible for the vehicle even if it has not yet been removed from university grounds. Tow companies are expected to treat everyone professionally and courteously. All claims for damage must be made to the tow company directly.  Vehicles may be towed for the following reasons:

  1. When a vehicle is displaying a stolen, or fraudulent Rowan University parking decal.
  2. When a vehicle is illegally parked in a reserved space, accessible parking space, or fire lane (such towing is required by state law).
  3. When a vehicle is illegally parked, restricting traffic, or creating a traffic hazard (i.e., roadways, curbs, shuttle lanes, etc).
  4. When vehicles are parked on designated emergency routes.
  5. When vehicles are parked in a manner that interferes with snow removal procedures.
  6. When vehicles are parked in violation of temporary restrictions posted for special events.
  7. If the owner, when notified by Parking Enforcement to move a vehicle, does not accomplish this move within the specified time.
  8. When a vehicle is parked illegally at a fire hydrant, air intake, loading dock, shuttle lane or bus stop.
  9. When a vehicle is parked in any manner deemed unsafe by parking enforcement officers and/or when in violation of signs or verbal orders given by parking enforcement or police officers.
  10. When a vehicle is considered by parking enforcement or police officers to be abandoned or derelict. (i.e., Not displaying a state license plate or state inspection sticker). It has also been considered abandoned when the vehicle has been parked on campus for more than 96 hours without authorization (with no contact from the owner to Parking Services or Police.