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  1. Ownership of Technology
    1. Any technology, including, but not limited to, workstation hardware (e.g. laptop, desktop, tablet, cellular device, etc.), software, or peripherals (e.g., printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, etc.) purchased with University Funds (e.g. Department Funds, Research Funds) is the property of Rowan University and remains the property of the University for the entire life cycle of the product or service. This includes all assets purchased through the University, including all grant funded equipment and faculty startup funds.
    2. All technology purchases must be delivered to Information Resources & Technology (IRT) before deployment to ensure the items are properly configured to comply with the University’s security and technology policies.
    3. A record of all technology purchases will be kept for each device in the central University Asset Database and all assets are subject to periodic review to ensure proof of possession.
    4. IRT will perform yearly audits of assets to ensure records of device ownership remain accurate.
    5. The University has the right to reassign or reallocate any technology no matter the funding source based on University need.
  2. Employee Responsibility
    1. It is the responsibility of all University employees using University technology to conform to all University technology policies and guidelines. At no time may an employee claim ownership of University technology property as their own.

    2. If for any reason an employee separates from the University, it is the responsibility of that employee and their supervisor to ensure all technology is returned to Rowan University at the time of employee separation, unless the employee and supervisor have received approval following guidelines defined by a specific policy, such as section V.h.5 of the Cellular Device Policy.
    3. Any employee not returning Rowan University technology is subject to sanctions as described in Section VI.
    4. All University data stored on a Rowan-owned workstation or technology asset is owned by Rowan University. The individual assigned the technology asset is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Workstation Use and Security Policy as well as backing up their data as required to comply with their business needs.
  3. Supervisor Responsibility
    1. It is the responsibility of University supervisors to report all changes of ownership of Rowan-owned technology to IRT within 10 days of the change of ownership. Examples of change of ownership include, but are not limited to:
      1. Employee separates from the University
      2. Employee changes position within the University
    2. Departments and offices may not reallocate technology to another employee. If there is a need to reallocate technology, contact IRT to assess the need.
    3. Supervisors must contact IRT immediately when an employee separates from the University. IRT will ensure all technology assigned to the employee has been returned to the University. If the position is refilled, IRT will assign the appropriate technology to the position.
  4. End of Lifecycle Technology
    1. Technology that has reached the end of its life will not be supported or permitted on the Rowan Network and will be disposed of according to University guidelines defined by a specific policy, such as the Workstation Use and Security Policy.