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Title: Bank Account
Subject: Accounting Services
Policy No: Fin: 2015:07                                                                    
Applies: University-Wide        
Issuing Authority:  President
Responsible Officer: Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO
Adopted: 10/3/2016
Last Revision:






Last Reviewed: 01/11/





To establish a policy that governs all bank accounts maintained for the University 


  1. Rowan University maintains multiple bank accounts for various operational purposes. These accounts are established in Rowan's name and Federal EIN. The use of Rowan University's Federal EIN or name for any other bank accounts is prohibited.  The Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO shall approve establishing, modifying or closing of Rowan University bank accounts.
  2. To ensure the University’s cash records are complete, accurate, authorized and properly monitored, Accounting Services has established the following internal controls for maintaining and reconciling the account(s):
    1. General ledger account balances can be substantiated by supporting detail records;
    2. Accuracy and completeness of individual transactions that have been posted to the general ledger;
    3. The information transmitted to, contained in, and reported from the University's financial systems is accurate, complete and recorded in a timely manner;
    4. The information can be relied upon for making financial and administrative decisions;
    5. Efficient and effective audit process;

All bank accounts are maintained and reconciled under the supervision of the Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller.