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Rowan University Policy  

Title: Statement of Principles
Subject: University Community
Policy No: BOT: 2015:01
Applies: University-wide
Issuing Authority: Board of Trustees 
Responsible Authority: President
Adopted: 10/29/2015
Last Revision: 04/20/2016
Last Reviewed: 04/20/2016


To articulate in one place the principles to which all parts of the University - its trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students, employees, volunteers, and contractors – should aspire in their daily interactions. The Statement of Principles expresses our shared commitment to integrity in all of our actions while pursuing the University's mission – excellence in teaching, patient care, research, and public service through ethical conduct in the discharge of one's duties, responsibilities, and all other University activities. All members of the University community owe it to each other to adhere to these principles as well as applicable laws, regulations, and University policies. This Statement does not address every possible situation; rather, it expresses in one place the core principles that we expect will guide the conduct of every member of the University Community.