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Title: Preferred Name Policy
Subject: Academic Affairs, Student Life, Equity and Diversity/Title IX
Policy No: Adm: 2016: 01
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authorities: President
Responsible Officers: Vice President for Academic Affairs
                                      Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
                                      Chief Equity Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator
Adopted: 03/03/2016
Last Revision: 0310/035/20162022
Last Reviewed: 0310/035/2016 2022 


The purpose of this policy is to enable members of the campus community including students, faculty and staff to use and be known by a preferred name that affirms, reflects, and/or expresses their gender, culture, and/or other aspects of their social identity in the classroom and to conduct general business at the university. 


At the direction of the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students shall implement this policy and the Chief Equity Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator shall ensure compliance with this policy. 


This policy is applicable to all students, faculty and staff at the university. 


  1. Preferred Name – The name by which a person wishes to be known and to have appear in University systems and when conducting day-to-day University business because it affirms that individual's gender, culture and other aspects of social identity. The preferred name will consist of a preferred first name, and preferred middle name when provided. The preferred name does not affect the individual's last name, which must remain the person's legal name.
  2. Legal Name – The name that is recorded on an individual's legal identification and used on formal legal records at the University.


Individuals who wish to use a preferred name may enter that name through the personal information section in Banner Self Serviceat

Approval and Prohibited Use: