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  1. Ownership and Responsibility
    1. Mobile device purchases through Rowan University are Rowan property.  All technology purchased through Rowan University funding must be returned to the University when their lifespan is completed. 
    2. Mobile devices such as the iPad are required to be owned by one user only. Mobile devices are not sharable, multi-user devices.
    3. Mobile devices distributed to students for specialized curricular requirements become the property of the students. Students who are provided with mobile devices under these programs are expected to bring their devices to all scheduled curricular activities.  Under these types of programs, students are required set a Passcode Lock on any mobile device, with a maximum delay of 5 minutes.  Students and faculty may set up mobile devices with a personal Apple ID (iPad) and may install free and paid apps, which will remain the property of the individual.
  2. Support
    1. All Rowan mobile devices must adhere to IRT mobile device policies.
    2. All mobile device data should be erased and must be replaced at the user's expense. 
    3. All repair or replacement costs due to hardware or software malfunction or damage is the responsibility of the user.
    4. It is strongly encouraged that all students and faculty using iPads obtain Apple Care Support immediately upon receipt of the device.
  3. All mobile device purchases must be submitted for IRT approval in accordance with the IRT technology acquisition policy
  4. What IRT Supports
    1. IRT supports departmental or individual mobile devices to enhance teaching or work-related practices.
    2. IRT supports best practices in using mobile devices in classroom and other learning environments.
    3. IRT supports the configuration, security and connection of mobile devices to the Rowan wireless network.
  5. What IRT Does Not Support
    1. IRT does not support the maintenance, repair, or replacement of iPads or other mobile devices.
      1. iPads are not eligible to serve as replacements for faculty and staff standard computing equipment or as part of the centrally managed budget for technology lifecycle management. Not all job requirements can be accomplished with an iPad, so the university will continue to provide either a desktop or laptop computer.
    2. IRT does not purchase Apps for the iPad or other mobile devices.
    3. IRT does not support the technology to use mobile devices in classrooms.
  6. Lost or Stolen Devices
    1. Any mobile device provided under this program that is lost or stolen must be reported immediately to Public Safety and to the immediate supervisor or responsible academic liaison.

By Direction of the CIO:


Mira Lalovic-Hand,
SVP and Chief Information Officer