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Failure to report or respond to an event or incident can expose the University to regulatory and/or statutory penalties, costly litigation, and undermine its mission and standing in the community. Violations of this policy may subject the violator to disciplinary actions up to or including termination of employment or dismissal from school, subject to applicable collective bargaining agreements and may subject the violator to penalties stipulated in applicable state and federal statutes. Students who fail to adhere to this policy or the procedures and standards will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs and may be expelled. Contractors and vendors who fail to adhere to this policy and the procedures and standards may face termination of their business relationships with the University. Sanctions shall be applied consistently to all violators identified in Section III Applicability regardless of job titles or level in the organization per the Acceptable Use Policy.

By Direction of the CIO:
Mira Lalovic-Hand,
SVP and Chief Information Officer