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Title: Uncompensated Employees
Subject: Human Resources
Policy No: HR: 2014:04 
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: President
Responsible Officers:


Chief Human Resources Officer/Vice President 
Last Revision:




As an institution with increasing prestige, Rowan University attracts individuals with a wide range of talents and expertise who are willing to perform services for the University and its students without compensation. This policy defines the means of engaging the services of such individuals in ways that provide appropriate protections both for the University and for the individual uncompensated employee.


Under the direction of the President, the Executive Vice President, Provost, and the Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences shall implement this policy. The Associate Vice President for Human Resources (Chief Human Resources Officer)shall ensure compliance with this policy.


This policy shall be followed for the engagement of individuals to perform uncompensated work for Rowan University at its main campus and in programs other than its Medical Schools.  The use of uncompensated employees and volunteers at the Medical Schools shall be subject to screening necessary for those programs as determined by the Deans or their designees.


A.  Rowan University Policy: Excluded Individuals & Entities