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Title: Access Control Policy
Subject: Information Security                                                    
Policy No: ISO:2013:13                                                                      
Applies: University-


Issuing Authority:


  Senior Vice President for Information Resources and Technology and Chief Information Officer
Responsible Officer: Director of Information Security
Date Adopted: 07-01-2013
Last Revision: 06-01-2014
Last Review: 07-02-2018


To establish the access controls necessary to safeguard the University’s electronic information and information systems.


Under the President, the Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Security shall ensure compliance with this policy.    The The Vice Presidents , and Deans shall implement this policy.


  1. Any individual who violates this policy shall be subject to discipline up to and including dismissal from the University, as well as civil and criminal penalties. Sanctions shall be applied consistently to all violators.

By Direction of the CIO:Image Removed                     

Mira Lalovic-Hand,
SVP and Chief Information Officer                                                       


Mira Lalovic-Hand,

SVP and Chief Information Officer