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  1. The Information Security Office (ISO) will provide and implement information security awareness, training and education for all members of the Rowan Community and ensure ongoing maintenance and enhancements to the training and education content.

  2. All members of the Rowan Community who have access to information assets must complete all required security awareness training, including annual refresher training.

  3. Remedial training will be required for any user whose account has been reported to be compromised

  4. Security awareness training content will be reviewed and updated annually by ISO.

  5. ISO will provide an annual security awareness training report and monthly updates to the Information Technology Security Board (ITSB).

  6. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that each of their direct reports completes their security awareness trainingtrainings.


Violations of this policy may subject the violator to the removal of system access or disciplinary actions, up to or including termination of employment or dismissal from a school, subject to applicable collective bargaining agreements and may subject the violator to penalties stipulated in applicable state and federal statutes. Sanctions shall be applied consistently to all violators regardless of job titles or level in the organization per the Acceptable Use Policy.