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Title: Title IX Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Policy
Subject: Equity and Diversity
Policy No:  SL:2020:01
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: President
Responsible Officer: Title IX Coordinator, Office of Student Equity and Compliance
Date Adopted: 8/13/2020
Last Revision: 0608/3031/20232023 
Last Reviewed: 06/30/2023


  1. Reporting to Law Enforcement
    1. Where criminal behavior is involved, the University encourages, and will assist students/employees with, reporting to law enforcement. However, students/employees have the right to decline notifying law enforcement. For criminal offenses that occur on the University campus, students/employees should immediately contact Rowan Public Safety, 856-256-4911. Rowan Public Safety can assist students/employees in contacting and filing a report/complaint with any other agency when the incident did not occur on campus.
      1. Glassboro campus – Glassboro Police Department, 1 South Main Street, Glassboro, NJ 856-881-1500;
      2. Camden campuses – Camden County Metro Police, 800 Federal Street, Camden, NJ 856- 757-7440;
      3. RowanSOM campus – Stratford Police Department, 315 Union , Stratford, NJ 856- 783- 8616;
    2. LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, or Agender/Asexual) students/employees should know that every Rowan Public Safety Officer will assist them should they choose to report Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault. However, if an LGBTQIA+ student/employee would prefer, they can ask to speak directly with the Rowan University LGBTQIA+ police liaison.
    3. Behavior that constitutes a violation of this policy may also be a crime under the laws of the State of New Jersey.
  2. Reporting to the University
    1. A student/employee may choose to report an incident of Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault to the University before they have made a decision about whether or not to report to law enforcement. A student/employee has the right to file a criminal complaint and a Title IX Formal Complaint simultaneously.
    2. Once a Report of Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault has been received, whether or not a Formal Complaint has been filed, the University will provide written notification to the Complainant about existing counseling, health, mental health, student advocacy, employee advocacy, legal assistance, visa and immigration assistance, student financial aid, and other services that are available at Rowan and in the surrounding For more information on these services please visit OSEC’s website.
    3. Reports of incidents alleging to involve Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault or sex discrimination in a University program or activity should be made to the Title IX Coordinator in person, by mail, by electronic mail, or by filling out the report found HERE.

      Interim Title IX Coordinator
      Jenna Perez
      Oak Hall South

      Joe Mulligan

      Office of Student Equity & Compliance, Savitz Hall Room 333

      856-256-5440 or 856-256-




      In addition, prior to filing a Report or Formal Complaint, a person may reach out to the following individuals to discuss their reporting options. The below individuals are Responsible Employees under this policy and, therefore, should report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator. However, their knowledge of any incident does not constitute Actual Knowledge by the University. Thus, if a student/employee wishes to ensure a Report/Formal Complaint has been made, the individual should also reach out to the Title IX Coordinator.

      Athletics / LGBTQIA+
      Penny Kempf, Associate Director of Athletics
      Esby Gym, Glassboro Campus

      Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
      Dr. Marion Lombardi, Chief Student Affairs Officer
      CMSRU Medical Education Building
      Camden, NJ

      Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
      Dr. Paula Watkins, Assistant Dean for Admissions 
      Academic Center, One Medical Center Drive, Suite 113
      Stratford, NJ 856-566-7050

      Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
      Dr. Diane Worrad, Director
      42 East Laurel Road, UDP, Suite 2200
      Stratford, NJ 856-566-6282

  3. Policy of Immunity – The University will grant immunity for using alcohol and drugs to both a Complainant and/or Respondent, unless the alcohol or drug was used knowingly to perpetrate violence. No one should be fearful of obtaining resources or remedies from a violent crime because they were intoxicated. In addition, the University will not pursue disciplinary action for drug or alcohol violations, or most other violations of the Student Code of Conduct, against a party or witness who comes forward in good faith to Report Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault. See Rowan University Good Samaritan Policy.
  4. Other Reporting Options
    Individuals also have the right to file a complaint with federal/state agencies that investigate Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and discrimination. An external complaint must be filed directly with the agency, and each agency should be consulted to determine proper deadlines for filing.

    Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education
    New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands OCR
    New York Office, U. S. Department of Education
    32 Old Slip, 26th Floor New York, NY 10005-2500
    Telephone: (646) 428-3800
    Facsimile: (646) 428-3843 Email:

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Philadelphia District Office
    801 Market Street, Suite 1000
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-3126
    Telephone: (800) 669-4000 / (267) 589-9700
    Facsimile: (215) 440-2606 Email:

    New Jersey Division on Civil Rights
    Southern Regional Office
    5 Executive Campus, Suite 107
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 map
    Telephone: 856-486-4080
    Facsimile: 856-486-2255