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  1. Emergency Operations Team (EOT), as outlined in the University’s emergency plan is activated based on the type and nature of the incident. It is used to manage the operational aspects of the University’s response to an emergency event, in this case a crisis resulting from student or staff member death. While select EOT members could include any of the following, leadership from The Wellness Center, the Department of Public Safety, University Relations, Student Affairs and Dean of Students will represent the initial EOT in response to a student or staff member death. While select EOT members could include any of the following, leadership members from The Wellness Center, the Department of Public Safety and Office of Emergency Management 
  2. Executive Management Team (EMT), as outlined in the University’s emergency plan will evaluate information from various sources during the progress of the event and advise the University President on appropriate actions requiring his/her decision. Select members of the EMT could include any of the following leadership members from the President's Office, General Counsel's Office, the Department of Public Safety, and University Relations, could represent the initial EMT response to a student or staff member death.  
  3. SMART: The Stress Management and Response Team (SMART) was established to provide a form of crisis intervention specifically designed to help the Rowan community cope with highly stressful or traumatic events. SMART is made up of administrators, professional staff, faculty and support staff from across the Rowan University campus. These team members are trained in crisis response. The team is available for both death notifications and trauma support meetings. The team can arrange a meeting site and time or be available at a normally scheduled time/place for your class/group.


  1. Emergency Preparedness policy:  
  2. Emergency Operations Plan


  1. All deaths on campus will be investigated by the University’s Department of Public Safety. The area surrounding the deceased is considered a crime scene. With the exception of first aid or conducting life saving measures, no one is to disturb the scene, including media personnel.
  2. In respect for the deceased, no University staff or member of the campus community shall comment, post, or communicate statements regarding the cause of death or scene of the death to any entity or organization.
  3. All requests for information, including media inquiries, shall be directed to the Office of University Relations 856-256-4240.
  4. The Emergency Operations Team (EOT) shall review Section VII of the University Emergency Operations Plan to determine the impact to the University community and implement department specific response protocols accordingly. An initial briefing of the EOT and Executive Management Team (EMT) will be planned immediately if a Level 2 Emergency Incident is identified. If the EOT identifies a Level 1 response, internal response protocols may be followed as warranted.
  5. EOT and designated support staff shall follow the procedures below in response to the death of a current student or staff.