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  1. Students in good academic standing who must interrupt their studies temporarily should apply for a leave of absence in writing to the Office of their respective Academic College Dean through their graduate program director or department chair. A graduate student may be granted a leave of absence for a period not to exceed a total of (12) calendar months with appropriate documentation.
  2. Students cannot apply for a leave of absence for a semester in which they are currently registered for classes and leaves of absence can only be approved for semesters that have not yet begun.
  3. Leaves of absence extend time to degree completion including any deadlines and other degree requirements. During a leave of absence, the student will be placed on “Inactive Status.”
  4. Students choosing to resume their program of study must provide written notification of their intent to return to their respective Office of the Academic College Dean, through their graduate program director or department chair at least one month prior to the expiration of the leave.
  5. The student will resume “Active Status” upon receipt of notification.
  6. Students wishing to extend their leave of absence will be required to reapply.
  7. Financial support cannot be guaranteed to a student returning from an approved leave. The appropriate academic authority and the department will work together to identify and to ensure, whenever possible, a comparable level of financial support to students returning from leave.
  8. International students holding a student visa who wish to leave the United States under this policy must obtain the permission of the International Center Office and submit the required documentation.