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Title:   Graduate Medical Education Housestaff Evaluation
Subject:  RowanSOM Housestaff
Policy No:   2018:01 (00-01-20-87.00)
Applies:  School of Osteopathic Medicine
Issuing Authorities:  Dean, School of Osteopathic Medicine
Responsible Officers: Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education and Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Adopted:  7/27/95
Last Revision:  2/1/18
Last Reviewed:  2/1/18 


To specify minimum standards of the University for the eligibility, selection, evaluation, promotion and dismissal of Housestaff in postgraduate programs sponsored by Rowan University.  Rowan University postgraduate program shall establish its own requirements, which may be more stringent, but shall not be less stringent, than the requirements specified herein. 


Under the direction of the Associate Dean, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine and the Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education shall ensure compliance with this policy.  The appropriate Deans or their designee shall implement this policy through the Graduate Medical Education Program Director.


  1. Housestaff:  Interns, residents and clinical fellows
  2. House officer:  Individual intern, resident or clinical fellow
  3. Postgraduate program:  Internship, residency or clinical fellowship program



  1. Background Checks


  1. for


  1. Housestaff Positions

  2. Outside


  1. Employment


  1. Housestaff Immunizations and Health Requirements 




  1. Requirements for Admission to Rowan University postgraduate programs:


Policies and procedures regarding the eligibility, selection, evaluation, promotion and dismissal of housestaff shall be included in housestaff manuals of each teaching facility sponsoring postgraduate training under the aegis of a Rowan University school and affiliated teaching hospital, or included in written materials distributed to all housestaff.


  1. Regulations of the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners governing postgraduate training, and registration and permit requirements for graduate medical education programs in medicine (13:35-1.3)
  2. Model Statement on Academic Evaluation of Housestaff and Procedures for Academic Dismissals of Housestaff