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Title: Change Management Policy
Subject: Information Security
Policy No: ISO:2013:09
Applies: University-


Issuing Authority:


Senior Vice President


of Information Resources & Technology and Chief Information Officer
Responsible Officer: Director of Information Security
Date Adopted: 07/01/2013
Last Revision: 07/26/2018
Last Review: 07/26/2018


To ensure a change management process is in place for the University's, Information Technology environment(s) managed both internally or externally. This policy addresses changes involving all critical systems, including, but not limited to changes of operational systems, application systems, network infrastructure, hardware installation, operating procedures and maintenance.


  1. Attachment A - Change Classification Matrix
  2. Attachment B - Change Priority Description
  3. Attachment C - Clarification of Change Management Requirements with Respect to Virtual Environments

By Direction of the CIO:

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Mira Lalovic-Hand,
VP SVP and Chief Information Officer