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Title: Safety Interim Suspension/Withdrawal
Subject: Student Life
Policy No: SL: 2016:16
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: President
Responsible Officer: Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
Adopted: 08/14/2015
Last Revision: 7 3/115/1718
Last Reviewed: 7 3/115/1718


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for addressing students who poses a significant risk to the safety of any student or campus community due to mental, emotional, medical, or psychological health conditions or other serious concerns. 


  1. Attachment 1- Procedures For A Safety Interim Suspension
  2. Attachment 2 - Procedure For Safety Withdrawal Appeal
  3. Attachment 3 – Reinstatement From An Interim Suspension






A student who is withdrawn from the University due to protective health or safety reasons may appeal the decision to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students (or designee).


  1. A student seeking reinstatement from an interim suspension will be asked to provide information demonstrating that a significant risk no longer exists.
  2. Acceptable evidence includes a report from a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or physician (pertaining to the situation) of the student's choosing which states that the student is able to safely return to the educational environment and can engage in the following activities without creating a significant risk to safety of student or campus community:
    1. Attend class;
    2. Perform assigned tasks; and
    3. If assigned to a residence area, live under only very general supervision and in the company of one or more students.
    4. Other evidence may also be acceptable on an individual basis.
  3. If a student's return is conditioned upon accommodations, the report from the health care provider should outline the accommodations requested.
  4. The University's licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or health care professional will review the report and meet with the student. If necessary, and with the student's written consent, the University's psychiatrist, psychologist, or health care professional may consult directly with the evaluating psychiatrist, psychologist, or physician.
  5. After the review, the University's licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or health care professional will then make a written recommendation regarding the student's continued attendance and any conditions which should apply to that attendance, including the matter of the student's place of residence.
  6. The student will be promptly notified of the student's ability to return and any conditions on such return within three (3) business days of submission of medical documentation or appropriate evidence that a significant risk to safety no longer exists. In some cases, where a significant risk to the safety of students and the campus community will continue indefinitely, a student's status will remain withdrawn. In such cases, the student will be notified.
  7. If the student is required to withdraw from some or all classes as a result of a continued significant risk to safety or for other reasons associated with this policy, a grade of W, administratively assigned, will be reflected on the transcript for those particular courses.
  8. The student will also be advised concerning the date when a petition for reinstatement will be considered along with any conditions for reinstatement.
  9. During the Safety Interim Suspension process, a representative of the University may contact the student's parents or legal guardians, if deemed appropriate, and in accordance with FERPA.