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Title: Skateboard Policy
Subject: Student Life
Policy No: SL: 2016: 11
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: President
Responsible Officer: Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students
Adopted: 08/10/2016
Last Revision: 08/01/2020
Last Reviewed: 08/01/2020


This policy defines the prohibitions and appropriate use or areas of activity where skateboarding can be performed.


Under the direction of the President, the Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students shall implement and ensure compliance with this policy.


This policy applies to all students of Rowan University.


  1. Rowan University Policy - Student Code of Conduct


  1. The University acknowledges that skateboarding is a means of transportation, as well as a sport activity, and encourages everyone to skateboard in a safe manner.
  2. The University recommends the use of the Mimosa basketball courts, the Chamberlain Student Center rear patio and the Wilson courtyard (well-lit areas during low-use hours) as the preferred sites for skateboarding activity.
  3. Skateboarding is prohibited at Rowan Hall, Whitney Center, Savitz Hall and Winans Hall.
  4. Use of any ramps, stairs, halls or University furniture as obstacles is strictly prohibited.
  5. Skateboarders are reminded that the campus has heavy pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. Therefore, skateboarders are asked to exercise the same degree of care expected from cyclists, rollerbladers, and operators of motor vehicles. Violations will be addressed through the Student Code of Conduct.
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