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Title: Leave of Absence Policy – Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS)
Subject: Academic Affairs
Policy No: AA:2013:03
Applies: Rowan GSBS Students
Issuing Authority: Dean, RowanSOM
Responsible Officer: Rowan GSBS Senior Associate Dean
Adopted: 9/26/2019
Last Revision: 8/9/2022
Last Reviewed: 8/9/2022


 This policy defines the Leave of Absence Policy for all students in the GSBS.


Under the direction of the GSBS Senior Associate Dean, Program Director(s) shall ensure compliance with and implement this policy.


 This policy applies to all GSBS students.


  1. Students who choose to interrupt their studies temporarily should request a Leave of Absence.  During a Leave of Absence, a student registers for no courses, and their completion clock and academic standing evaluations are suspended. A Leave of Absence lasts for a minimum of one semester and up to one full year (consecutive Fall, Spring, Summer semesters in any order).
  2. Students must request a Leave of Absence in writing (by email is sufficient). The request must include the student’s full name and Rowan ID number, the date the Leave is to start (typically coinciding with the start of a semester), and the anticipated date of return. The student must send the request from their Rowan email account to the GSBS office (
  3. The student understands that:
    1. if a leave of absence is requested before/during the Add/Drop period then their courses will be dropped, nothing will appear on their transcript and all of their tuition will be returned,
    2. if a leave of absence is requested after the Add/Drop period (Withdrawal period) then their courses will receive a “W” for withdrawal on their transcript and no tuition will be returned,
    3. a meeting will be required between the Associate Dean and the Program Director(s) to determine the return date based on the circumstances of the leave of absence.
  4. A student may request up to two non-consecutive Leave of Absences while earning their degree. Additional Leaves require an appeal to Executive Council (see Academic Appeals Policy for the appeal procedure).
  5. Return: Written notification of the student's intent to return must be received by the GSBS Office a minimum of one month prior to the student’s matriculation reinstatement. Students who fail to notify of their intended return or who fail to return after one year may be required to re-apply to the GSBS and undergo the admissions process.
  6. International students: Please note that different rules may apply for International students in accordance with US federal International students should consult with the Rowan University International Office before requesting a leave of absence.
  7. Molecular Cell Biology and Neuroscience (MCBN) Program
    1. Except for Parental Leave, a student’s stipend and health insurance will be suspended during a Leave of Absence.
      Parental Leave
      Graduate students will receive full stipend support for up to 6 weeks of parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. Either parent is eligible. The Program Director(s), Mentor (where applicable) and GSBS office must be informed in writing of the student’s intent to take parental leave and the applicable dates.
  8. Rowan University Leave of Absence Policy for Graduate Students applies to all GSBS students and the above policy does not supplant or override the university policy here.

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