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Title: Key and Lock Policy
Subject: Facilities, Planning & Operations
Policy No: Fac: 2014:02
Applies: University-wide
Issuing Authority: Sr. Vice President Facilities, Planning & Operations
Responsible Officer: Assistant Vice President for Facilities Operations
Last Revision: 09/23/2014
Last Reviewed: 09/23/2014 


This policy establishes guidelines for the installation of key systems or for obtaining keys to Rowan University buildings.


Under the direction of the Sr. Vice President Facilities, Planning & Operations, the Assistant Vice President for
Facilities Operations is responsible for implementing and ensuring compliance with this policy.


This policy applies to all full-time, part-time, permanent and temporary employees, including but not limited to faculty, staff, officers, volunteers and students.


  1. "Lock Box" - The Lock Box is a secured Rowan ID Card restricted access cabinet that contains building keys. Permission to these keys is granted on a case by case basis by the Director of Operations. Once granted, access is controlled by computer software and when the cabinet is opened and a key removed, the computer will record the date/time, key number, and person that withdrew the key. If the key is not returned within a designated time, a notification is automatically sent to the person and administrator of the program the key must be returned.
  2. "Master Key" - A building master key is a key that will open all spaces within a building, assigned to the designated Building Dean or Department Head.
  3. "Official Designee" - Person designated, in writing to the Director of Operations, by a Dean or Department Head to have the authority, on behalf of the Dean or Department Head, to enter requests for keys.
  4. "Pool Keys" - Pool Keys refers to keys that are commonly supplied to Adjunct Faculty for class rooms and to students for entry to practice rooms and laboratories. Since use of these keys is on a semester by semester basis they must be collected by the Dean's or Department Head's office for reallocation for the next semester. Requests for replacement of the pool keys will be provided at ten dollars per key.
  5. "Sub Master Key" - A sub master is a key that controls access to multiple locations within a building usually one floor or a portion of one or multiple floors. Primary use is for special authorized access into all departmental spaces.


  1. All Rowan University buildings must have locking systems approved and/or installed by Facilities, Operations & Planning. Facilities Operations & Planning is responsible for planning, installing, and maintaining all locking systems and keys for Rowan University buildings and equipment and will review all key requests to insure they operate only the intended area.
  2. Division/Department Heads are responsible for approving key requests for areas of operation they have been assigned to supervise.
    1. Individuals, who are assigned keys to University property, are responsible for insuring the keys are used for the intended purpose, secure and returned.
    2. All keys issued will be signed for by the individual or responsible person requesting a key and the key will be returned to the Facilities Operations upon request, relocation, termination or graduation.
  3. It is the responsibility of the person who has been assigned a key, to pay $10 dollars for a lost key replacement. If the lost key requires a lock change or the master/sub master has been lost, the cost must be paid by the individual or department and will be determined based on the actual labor and material cost to complete the work.
  4. Departments that have "pool" keys are required to keep a record of individuals who have been given a key. These records should be available for inspection upon request.
  5. Requests for master/sub master keys will require special authorization.


  1. Attachment 1 – Key Access Procedures


  1. Full Time Employees

    Requests can be entered into Rowan Works by the Dean or Department Head or official designee. The request (one key per request) will be reviewed and authorized by the Director of Operations and forwarded on to the Lock Shop. Upon pick-up of the key, the requester must sign for the key and assume all responsibilities for that key.


  2. Part Time Employees and Adjunct Faculty

    Requests can be entered into Rowan Works in the same manner as above. Additionally, the recipient shall be required to return the key at the end of a semester if they are not returning for the following semester or if their employment period has expired. These returned keys will be classified as 'Pool keys' If keys are not returned subsequent requests for the same positions will be charged a fee of ten dollars per request. Take note; the keys made for these type of requests will not have an entry function. They will allow access to offices and classrooms only.


  3. Students

    1. Residential Life Keys shall originate from University Housing and may be entered through Rowan Works.

    2. Student/Academic buildings (such as practice rooms or laboratories, SGA organizations) shall be submitted to Rowan Works by the Dean or Department Head. Keys shall be returned by the end of the academic year. This pool of keys (see definitions) may be held by the Dean's or Department Heads office for redistribution the following semester. Subsequent requests for lost pool keys will be charged a fee of ten dollars. Requests for additional keys above the level of pool keys on hand will not be charged if the department can demonstrate that all pool keys have been circulated.

  4. Public Safety Department will be provided with Building Master keys for their use. Public Safety will coordinate the opening and securing of buildings with all outside organizations that may be called to campus in emergency situations.

  5. Facilities Planning &Operations personnel will use the same lock box for keys they may require to complete work orders if needed.

  6. Vendors that need access to buildings for service calls are required to sign in at the Cassady building and will be provided keys from the Facilities Operations Lock Box if needed. Access to the lock box will be authorized by the Director of Operations.


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