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Title: Intercollegiate Athletics

Subject: Athletics

Policy No: IA: 2015:01

Applies: University-Wide

Issuing Authority: President

Responsible Officer: Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Adopted: 03/11/2015


Last Revision: 


The purpose of this policy is to describe the philosophy and mission of the University's Intercollegiate Athletics Program.


At the direction of the President, the Director of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department shall implement the policy and ensure compliance with the provisions of the policy. 


This policy is applicable to all students who are participating in athletic programs, intercollegiate coaches and department staff, and all faculty, staff and student of Rowan University, including volunteers to the University and its intercollegiate athletics program.


A. NCAA Division III Regulations

B. New Jersey Athletic Conference Regulations

C. Rowan University Athletics Policy Manual 2014-15


A. Rowan University as a Division III member of the NCAA, embraces the philosophy of Division III athletics and the principles, which are designed to protect the student athlete.  Student athletes should be amateurs motivated primarily by education and the physical, mental and social benefits to be derived from participation in intercollegiate athletics.

B. All student athletes are expected to follow all university policies, the regulations of the NCAA and the New Jersey Athletic Conference.  They are expected to conduct themselves with honesty and good sportsmanship and reflect the high standards of honor and dignity, which characterizes participation in competitive sports at the college level.  Student athletes should be protected from exploitation by professional and commercial enterprises.

C. Intercollegiate athletics programs at Rowan University shall be conducted in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical and educational welfare of all student athletes. 

  1. The playing fields and courts will be well maintained for the safety of all participants, will be aesthetically pleasing and will allow for the best performances of athletes.  
  2. All student athletes at Rowan University will have a comprehensive physical examination and a health history on file in the Student Health Center before athletic practice or competition commences.

D. Student athletes at Rowan University will be an integral part of the student body and the intercollegiate athletics program will be maintained as a vital component of the education program.  The admission, academic standing and academic progress of the student athletes shall be consistent with the policies and standards adopted by the institution for the student body in general.

E. Academics and Athletics

  1. Competition schedules 
    1. Athletic schedules will be established in such a way to minimize loss of class time.
    2. Departure times for all athletic teams will be determined prior to the season by the Coach and the Associate Director’s for scheduling and transportation.
    3. Departure times of all athletic teams will be provided to the faculty in a timely manner to avoid any conflicts.
  2. Expectations for Student-athlete
    1. Student-athletes will meet with professors to discuss their athletic schedule and potential conflicts\
    2. Student-athletes will attend those classes on the day of departure held prior to established departure times.
  3. Priority Class Scheduling 
    1. The semester prior to their traditional season, the athlete will be given priority to schedule their academic classes.  A list must be submitted to the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance prior to the registration period.  The list must have student athletes full name and banner I.D. number.
  4. Student Athlete Grades 
    1. Head coaches will have access on the banner web system to access their players’ academic transcripts and also view professor comments throughout the semester.
  5. Post-Season Play
    1. Students are individually responsible for contacting professors to make arrangements for potential academic conflicts.
    2. University policy discourages off-campus competition during final examination periods. However, if a team earns a post-season bid by said recognized sanctioning bodies, and receives endorsement of the Athletic Director/Chair, the Dean of Academic Affairs may grant final authorization/approval. In such cases, the burden of responsibility for resolving exam schedule conflicts rests with the student and his/her professor.
    3. Any issues concerning class/exam conflicts should be addressed with the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
  6. Practice schedules for traditional and non-traditional seasons
    1. Academic labs/classes take priority over athletic practices.
    2. Traditionally practices are scheduled to begin in the afternoon. It is noted that some practice/competition facilities are shared forcing the designation of practice times other than afternoon. In the event that early-morning practices are necessary (e.g. spring practices), it is essential that practices are completed in time to enable student-athletes to attend all classes on time. The athletic director must clear exceptions to the traditional afternoon practice time.
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