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Title: Conference Room and Non-Classroom Space Technology Policy
Subject: Information Resources and Technology
Policy No: IRT:2015:05
Applies: University-Wide
Issuing Authority: Senior Vice President for Information Resources and Technology and Chief Information Officer
Responsible Officer: 
Adopted: 2015
Amended: 07/26/2018
Last Revision: 07/26/2018


Rowan University recognizes that conference facilities may require technology for audiovisual viewing, demonstration, interaction, and collaboration. The purpose of this policy is to establish technology standards for conference rooms that will be supported by IRT, project management and AV and computer technologies standards for non-classroom spaces, and collaborative responsibilities between IRT and Facilities.


Under the direction of the President, the Chief Information Officer and the University's Director of Information Security shall implement and ensure compliance with this policy. The Executive Vice President for Administration and Strategic Advancement, Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans, and other members of management will implement this policy.


This policy applies to all Rowan conference rooms and non-classroom spaces and the following technologies:

    • CD/LED displays
    • Projectors
    • Digital media players (i.e. AppleTV)
    • Videoconferencing
    • Computers
    • Sound systems
    • AV control systems
    • Connectivity


  1. Technology
    1. IRT is responsible for all Rowan conference room technologies. 
    2. IRT is responsible for regulating conference room technology type, model, and design.
      1. Refer to Conference Room and Non-Classroom Space Technology Standards and Specifications Addendum.
  2. Support
    1. All conference room technologies must adhere to IRT policies.
    2. All repair or replacement costs due to hardware or software malfunction or damage is the responsibility of the user.
    3. All conference room technology purchases must be submitted for IRT approval in accordance with the IRT technology acquisition policy
  3. What IRT Does Not Support
    1. IRT does not support costs of maintenance, repair, or replacement of conference room technologies.
    2. IRT does not support installation costs of technologies in conference rooms.
    3. IRT does not support iPad or tablet interfaces in conference rooms.
  4. Requests for technology procurement and installation
    1. IRT: All technology requests must be submitted as "Non-Standard Space Technology Procurement" and approved by IRT using the IRT acquisition policy and procedures.
    2. Facilities: All facility requests for installation must be submitted using Facilities acquisition policies.
    3. The budget for requested technologies will be the responsibility of the requestor.
    4. The budget for requested project management (inclusive of all infrastructure requirements such as power, data, and installation) will be the responsibility of the requestor.
  5. Scheduling
    1. All technologies must be purchased and delivered in accordance with the schedule of Facilities project manager.
    2. The project manager is responsible for communicating and planning all requests.
    3. The project manager is responsible for working with IRT and Facilities to ensure timely service and adherence to technology standards.
  6. Maintenance and Support
    1. All technology maintenance, support, repair, and replacement costs are the responsibility of the requestor/owner.
    2. All power related support is the responsibility of Facilities
    3. All cabling related support is the responsibility of IRT
  7. Infrastructure, Installation, AV, and Technology Standards: Facilities is responsible for
    1. Infrastructure standards
    2. Electric standards
    3. Furniture standards
    4. Lighting standards
    5. Project management for all infrastructure requirements
  8. IRT is responsible for
    1. LCD, LED, Projection standards
    2. Computer standards
    3. Audio standards
    4. Videoconferencing standards
    5. AV control standards
    6. Digital media player standards
    7. Technology integration standards


  1. Attachment 1, Addendum to Conference Room and Non-Classroom Space Technology Conference Room and Non-Classroom Space Technology Policy. Standards and Specifications, Addendum

By Direction of the CIO:

Mira Lalovic-Hand,
SVP and Chief Information Officer

Addendum #1 Attached


Addendum to Conference Room and Non-Classroom Space Technology Conference Room and Non-Classroom Space Technology Policy.

Standards and Specifications, Addendum

Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Tiny
Preload Type
Preload OS
Preload Language
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 English
Tiny 65W
Floor Stand
VESA Mount Bracket kit - Tiny
Intel Core i5-4570T Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.60GHz)
8GBx1 PC3-12800 DDR3 SoDIMM
1st HDD Drive
Graphic Card
Integrated Graphics
1st Optical Drive
Slim DVD Burner/CD-RW, SATA
USB Fullsize - US English
Edge Mouse
Audio Card
Integrated Audio
Integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet
Internal Speakers
Internal Speaker Tiny
Publication English
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom_5.0
3 Year On-site Warranty
3 Year Priority Technical Support
LCD Displays (55, 80, 90)
NEC E554, 55 inch
NEC V801, 80 inch
Sharp LC-90LE657U 90 inch
NEC NP-M311X for smaller rooms
NEC NP-PA550W for medium-large rooms
AV Control
Wall Inputs
Audio 1/8 inch
Spec adapted for space and use
For untethered use of tablets and laptop computing
*Refer to AppleTV IRT Policies

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