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Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Resource Center! Here you'll find everything you need to know about departmental technical support.

The ECE Resource Center supplies all ECE students with the parts needed to build their class projects (no charge), in addition offers the following support to all ECE students and faculty:

Specialized cables and probes
Technical support - consultation on designs, implementation, and troubleshooting

We will keep the information on this site current, check back often.


Check out our inventory! We have over 7,500 unique items, and over 1 million items in stock!!!

We are moving to an online ordering process.  Please email us your parts request and we will notify you when your parts have been pulled or ordered and are ready to be picked up.  See below for details.

If you are looking for assistance with parts ordering you must have a proper documentation package (schematic, circuit analysis or simulation, Bill of Materials with detailed part numbers, all using the proper engineering software, no hand drawn documents).  This is to support and encourage proper engineering practices.  We do not support guessing engineering.

No formal documentation = no parts

Check our inventory BEFORE you place an order.

The Resource Center is not self-service.  When you arrive, please wait for a service representative to help you; this help us maintain the inventory so we can provide better service to all. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


The ordering process is being updated, stay tuned for details. In the meantime, parts needed for classes will be aggregated by faculty and submitted en masse.

All parts requests MUST include ECEPR in the email subject line. Emails without this subject line will not be processed.

Please split orders between in stock and out of stock.

For Classes

For parts in stock, faculty will aggregate requests referencing our inventory, send it to, and we will pull the parts for them.

For out of stock parts, faculty are to aggregate requests and build shopping carts for Mouser, and/or McMaster and email the cart link(s) to

For items that are not available from the above listed 2 vendors, you will need to acquire a quote from the vendor. Stay tuned for details on this process. In the interim email for further instruction.

All sections should be submitting a single combined order to reduce shipping costs and make it easier to track class budgets.

Please indicate the course number and section number(s).

For Research & Clinic

All research requests MUST include your funding source (FOPAL), requests received without this number will be discarded.

For parts in stock, please send a list to referencing our inventory and we will pull the parts for you.

For out of stock parts, please build a shopping cart for Mouser, and/or McMaster and email the cart link(s) to

For items that are not available from the above listed 2 vendors, you will need to acquire a quote from the vendor. Stay tuned for details on this process. In the interim email your needs to for further instruction.

Only one research project per order to allow us to track research budgets.

Check inventory (above) before ordering.

Check this page for updates after ordering - you are expected to pick up your parts within one week of receipt.

Order Status

We have a variety of technologies available to make PCBs: external fab house, mill in house, and print in house.

If you need a board milled (subtractive process using single or double sided FR-1 bare copper boards) or printed (using a blank FR-4 board, glass, or other non conductive heat tolerant substrates), please contact AND If this is your first in house board, please contact us BEFORE you design your PCB for instructions on DFM.

For boards that are sent to an external fab house, we normally order from PCBWay. For research, each project shall aggregate their project board requests. Details to follow. In the interim contact AND for instructions.

If you are familiar with the current process (you have ordered boards and worked directly with Mario after December 2018) you may:

Send board requests to and with the subject line being ECEBR

Ordering Guide

(Note: this guide is under review, a new one will be released shortly, in the interim, email and for direction)

Order Status



Starting Fall 2019 you must abide by the new procedures below for any 3D print requests.

The ECE Department has three 3D printers, an Ultimaker 2+, and an Ultimaker 3 and FormLabs SLA

All 3D prints are printed for you. To be placed in the print queue, upload your STL file to the print queue.

Click here to be redirected to the print queue.

Note: You must be on the RowanSecure WiFi or ethernet network to be able to access the online form.

For any questions, please contact: (Ultimaker FDM Printers) AND (SLA Printer) AND (Print Queue)

with the subject ECE3D

Refer to the ECE 3D printing request guide (below) for details and instructions.

Once you receive notification that your part has been finished, you have one week to come and pick up the part.  If you do not pick up the part within the one week period it will not be easy for you to request a part in the future.  You can track the process of all prints from the print queue.

Rowan ECE Department 3D Printing Guide.pdf

Starting Fall 2019 you must bring a Bill of Materials (BOM) along with schematics/PCB files if you want the Resource Center to help you with projects/assembly/fab/etc.

Please click the document links for more information.

To view either of the template files:

-Click the link(s) below

-Click the download symbol when the next page appears

-Open the file

BOM Template.xlsx

BOM Explanation.docx

For any questions, please contact:

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